my life as a sketchbook

I have hidden in a sketchbook and a journal all my life. Time to open the books, reframe the story & time. Copyright Cinders McLeod. All rights reserved


any movement with “new” attached to it makes grandparents writhe in their graves

I remember when the first Tony Blair leaftlet came through my front door. One look at his smooth face and I knew the labour party was in trouble

Ok – so now I’m on a string of anti-new-labour party cartoons. Broomie wonders if she should be eating at their table.

One Nation Britain –two nation being rich nation and poor nation – but Annie S. Land thought Tony Blair meant that we should all be little Tonys and little Cheries. Or little Disraelis. Or little David Camerons. Or little Boris Johnsons.

Britian ‘97.Single mothers were juggling breast-feeding and welfare threats. I was juggling breast-feeding and cartoon deadlines

anyone who says “x never did me any harm…” is harmful

Why do men (Jesus, Saint Nic) get all the attention at Christmas, when it’s women who do most of the work? Why? Why?

anyone who says “some of my best friends are…” is lying