my life as a sketchbook

I have hidden in a sketchbook and a journal all my life. Time to open the books, reframe the story & time. Copyright Cinders McLeod. All rights reserved

This was one of those dead good cartoon moments for me. I’ll be looking for an idea then something kinda cool will dawn on me which would never have dawned on me if I didn’t have a cartoon to do. In this case, I was thinking about the blinkered aggressives who try to talk you into what you know not to be true, in this case, that genetically modified food is ok. Then it dawned on me. No one’s asking the quality of food that went into the brains of the great thinkers of the past. Maybe Darwin wouldn’t have come up with the thoughts he did had he eaten genetically modified processed food.

Rothesay is a town on the Scottish Isle of Bute. In days before cheap tickets to the Sun, Rothesay was the holiday destination for workers on the mainland.

Some people do something dumb and go to prison. Some people do something dumb and say “Yes, there are lessons to be learned” and don’t go to prison. They’re called politicians.

“Yes, I am an extremist. The Black Race in America is in an extremely bad condition.”

- Malcolm X. Tonight I post this Quotoon in memory of Mike Brown


One dark night, I drew a cartoon mocking the platitudes about humour. Tonight I post it in loving memory of Robin Williams