my life as a sketchbook

I have hidden in a sketchbook and a journal all my life. Time to open the books, reframe the story & time. Copyright Cinders McLeod. All rights reserved

Never forget the work that has been done for our happiness

I’m reading a book called The Backwoodswoman by Isabel Skelton, c1924, Ryerson Press, and I come across a paragraph about Britain in the 1800s:

“Bad as conditions were in England and Scotland, they were worse in Ireland. The redundant populations there was far greater for the size of the country, and the destitute had no poor rates to keep them. Conditions were so hopeless that the evil was in many cases just allowed to cure itself. This it did naturally, more or less speedily, by simply putting an end to the sufferers. Without homes, without food, without money and without care, the poor starved wretches died by scores in the ditches:.

This is why our elders fought for the Welfare State.

We are encouraged to have zero tolerance for all sorts of small scale violence, but what about zero tolerance for potential large scale violence – like nuclear power? Are we encouraged to have that? Are we? Are we?

Annie’s hesitance at an uncontrollable haircut reminded me of some voters’ hesitance at an uncontrollable Scotland

on legal and illegal theft

from 1 wage per household to 2 to child labour: the increasing costs of living

(c.s.a.: child support agency)

I once read a pamphlet about how women’s use of sex strikes throughout history has helped keep the working man’s wage above the poverty line:
( “Until you face the bosses and the union and get yourself a pay rise, there’ll be no sex.”)

I would guess women’s premenstrual forcefulness has helped too.

(pre-menstrual tension = pre-menstrual syndrome)


I recently read an article about how personal life is the first thing to go when a woman becomes a single mum. I don’t think a lot of people realize that. When I first became a single mum, I was either at work outside the home or at work inside the home. I could barely maintain my children, and myself, let alone my friends. Some friends understood and some crossed to the ‘dark side.’ I joke but it was a painful time. Sure, some things have moved on for women, but I am living proof that some things have not. Single mothers are still beating targets. I drew this cartoon before I fully understood that.