my life as a sketchbook

I have hidden in a sketchbook and a journal all my life. Time to open the books, reframe the story & time. Copyright Cinders McLeod. All rights reserved

Not long ago, I saw a great TVO documentary about grandparent’s unvalued work. It looked at how many grandparents, when they finally have a time for themselves, are picking up the pieces of their children - the children who haven’t coped with life. Sometimes these pieces are their children’s children. Just because they are related to and love their grandchildren, doesn’t make their work any less valuable. It’s social work. Social workers should always be paid. This is one of the prices we must pay for a democracy.

playing doctors and nurses

I remember watching British Telecom’s commercials (Bob Hoskin’s “it’s good to talk”) at the same time as watching Britiain at war in iraq (“it’s good to bomb.”) (Operation Desert Fox, December 1998).

These mixed messages confused Broomie.

I remember being shocked reading the numbers the united states spent on arms vs. healthcare. And I remember reading  about someone who was willing to pay their taxes as long as if didn’t go towards the arms trade. Important things one remembers. This cartoon is a little bit about both.

(Trident = British Nuclear Weapons)

One day, I heard “change is just around the corner,” one time too many

My life as a pram-pusher